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Edu-Care Mpame has to date, opened two preschools in our village, called Sunshine creche and Little Flower creche.  We are situated in a very remote village in the Eastern Cape called Mpame. 

We realised that there were no preschool facilities close enough for our children to attend.  We want to create an excellent foundation for these children so that when they enter grade 1, they will be at the correct level socially and academically.

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Language of Learning and Teaching

Our preschool is multilingual. Education in rural governments schools is only in isiXhosa. Furthermore schools in Mpame teaches only up to grade 9.  After this, parents need to send their children to out-of-town schools, only if they have the funds.  Here they arrive with no English and therefore the failure rate is about 90%. We teach in both English and isiXhosa to give these children a better chance to of making a success at this transition.

Excellent  Foundation

We wish to provide our community's children with a solid foundation in education.  Where there had been no preschool education before, we now aim to prepare our learners to be at the mainstream school entrance level when they leave our preschool.


What we Teach

As at every preschool, we teach numeracy and literacy.  But in a very rural community it is also necessary for us to teach our learners to respect each other, their teachers, their parents and the environment.  We teach good manners such as 'please' and 'thank you'.  We teach them not to litter.  We teach them not to hit each other and to treat their animals well. These basics seem normal to us, but are not always the norm in all cultures.


Community Involvement

We wish to involve the local community as much as possible. We have the full support of the local headman and his council.  Sunshine and Little Flower each employs a teacher and a cook from the local community.  


We currently serve one cooked meal a day. Our menu has grown and we now serve hot maize meal porridge, samp and beans, pap and spinach  and cooked rice with soya mince. We also serve a glass of juice after play time.  This is often the only cooked meal our learners will receive in a day.  .

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Including the Parents

In rural communities, parents often place all responsibility for their children's education on the teachers.  Most parents here have unbelievable survival skills and intuition, but not much formal education. We want to get our parents involved in this process and therefore we hold parents workshops where we teach them strategies for getting involved at home, Such as telling their children bedtime stories and reinforcing the principles we teach at school.

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Your contribution will make a lasting impact on our community.

We are a registered NPC with yearly audited financial statements.

 All donations are 100% allocated to our project.

Ways you can Help Today:

  • Sponsor a Child:  A monthly debit order to sponsor a specific child for the year.  You will get personal information and updates, with pictures about the child that you are supporting.

  • A once off donation: is also a great option.  Every cent helps to better the lives of our rural children.

  • Physical donations:  Consider donating food, children's clothing, shoes, toiletries and bedding.  There are no shops close by so there is a great need.

BROAD-BACED BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: By making a donation to Educare Mpame, you can make a meaningful contribution to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). Educare Mpame's beneficiaries are 100% black African. B-BBEE points can be earned by supporting Educare Mpame.


COR14.3:  Registration Certificate:  Registration Number 2019/154136/08.

Educare Mpame has been granted a tax exemption by SARS and is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with section 18A status.





ACCOUNT NUMBER:  62806726529


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Get in Touch

 We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

ADDRESS:  Mpame, Eastern Cape, Mqanduli 5080

POSTAL ADDRESS:  P.O.Box 415, Mqanduli 5080

PHONE : +27823354111

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