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Early Childhood Development

Educare Mpame follows a mixed Montessori approach to learning. 


The Montessori method for early childhood development emphasises independence, hands-on learning, and respect for each child's unique pace of learning. In Montessori classrooms, children work in mixed-age groups, choose their own activities, and learn through self-directed exploration with specially designed materials.


Teachers act as guides, fostering independence and providing support as needed. The focus is on practical life skills, cognitive development, and social-emotional growth within a structured yet flexible environment.

Overall, the Montessori method aims to nurture the whole child – intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically – and to cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Story Telling

At Educare Mpame we place huge importance on storytelling and reading.  This introduces our kids to the magic of language and using their imagination.

We use colourful picture books, puppets and animations to keep the kids captivated and to stimulate their creativity.

We always ask guests to the school to read the story and encourage them to ask lots of questions about the story and characters.  This helps with the development of listening skills and a love of literature that will last a lifetime.




We follow a holistic approach and because of this we also include lots of physical activities.  

Each week we spend some time outside engaging in  gross motor coordination exercises such as Wheelbarrow walking, Rolly polly, balancing and clapping.  This develops core strength, balance, coordination, crossing the midline, body awareness and posture.

Our kids are huge fans of running races and relay races which we do daily.

And on the weekends we take some of the older kids swimming in the rock pools.


We taught some of the older kids that have been through Sunshine creche how to swim in the rock pools.  They really just love swimming and have recently discovered the magical new world under the sea by learning how to snorkel.

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