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Our Achievements

Gift's Story


 Gift was about one and a half years old, when his mother brought him to the creche. He was scared and didn’t know what was going on. At that time, we didn’t realize that actually two gifts were coming through our door.

A little boy who would develop just beautifully, notoriously curious and eager to learn. In his third year at ‘Little Flower’ creche, he would read stories to his friends at Story Telling Time. He has now entered grade 1 at the junior government school but still spends lots of time with us.


The second gift is his mother Ntombozuko.

She is our teacher at ‘Sunshine’ creche, and it’s a joy to watch her. Having been born and brought up in the community we benefit from her communicating with the parents and involving them in the activities.

Our great teachers

We couldn’t do it without you!

An often heard sentence but here it’s true to the letter.

Without our two teachers Ntosh and Zamoh it simply couldn’t be done.

Not only do they act as teachers or motivators they are also life coaches for things like comforting when tears are falling, teaching social skills but also how to eat properly and do the dishes afterwards, and encouraging independence.

They are persons of trust – and 53 little learners putting their trust in them every day.


The parents


Preschool was a new term for the parents of the community of Mpame. In the beginning, their first thoughts may have been relief to have some of their children taken care of for a while. And for some it still might be the case, however, something has changed:

By inviting the parents to see the kids in their preschool environment, to join in on their activities like sports events, to listen to their stories, all this had made an impact.

And last but not least our teachers Ntosh and Zamoh who act as mediators for the community and by this further trust is built.

Looking into the future

Our wishes for the future:

-  Build an additional classroom for each creche

-  Build accommodations for volunteers,      tourists/hikers, and campers to generate income

-  Open more needed preschools in the area

-  Take steps to ensure sustainability

-  Employ a manager

-  Train teachers

-  Become financially secure 


Become a sponsor of Educare – sponsor a child – 

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