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Access to Water

Educare Mpame have been actively working on creating easier Access to Water for the residents of the village of Mpame.


Mpame receives municipal water through 32 communal taps that each serves 6 to 8 households.  The water is pumped from the Mcwasa dam water purification plant.  This plant only works for about 10% of each year.  Educare Mpame have implemented some strategies to allow residents easier access to water.


Wellpoint Protection and the distribution of Hippo Rollers.


Wellpoint Protection

for easier and cleaner access to water

Educare Mpame together with the NGO Swim for Rivers have identified five sites for setting up and installing secure watering points.

At these spring sights, a 5000l tank is installed in a location easily access by the women in our community that are collecting water.

We have installed solar pumps and panels at each spring.  This means the project is sustainable as well as eco-friendly.

The wells will be fenced to protect the water from contamination by farm animals.

The base of each tank was built with Eco-bricks and our chief and the community got involved to help build these bases.

Hippo Rollers

for easier and more hygienic transportation of water

A Hippo Roller is a wonderful water transportation device.  It can easily transport 90l of water at a time.  The NGO Swim for rivers have donated 150 hippo rollers to our village of Mpame.

Hippo Rollers have made a huge impact on our community. Women now have a bit more free time to spend with their children.  Water is transported more hygienically and by using hippo rollers women suffer much less injury and fatigue.  Even young boys are now very keen on collecting water using this new innovation!




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