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Vegetable Gardens

At Educare Mpame, we believe that education should be holistic and hands-on. That's why we've implemented a rural vegetable gardening project at our preschool. This project not only teaches kids about the importance of healthy eating, but it also fosters a sense of team work and responsibility. Join us in cultivating a brighter future for our children and our planet.



of having a veggie garden at Educare Mpame

Creating a veggie garden in a remote rural village at the preschool has numerous benefits.


Firstly, it provides fresh and healthy produce for the children's meals. 


Secondly, it teaches them about the importance of sustainable living and taking care of the environment.

Thirdly, it can serve as a source of income for the community by selling the excess produce.


Fourthly, it promotes community involvement and teamwork.


Lastly, it can be a fun and educational activity for the children to learn about gardening and where their food comes from.


Seasonal harvesting

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